Press [noun]

Definition of Press:

people or person working in communications

Synonyms of Press:

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Sentence/Example of Press:

I'm sportively pretending that I can press it back into shape.

His countrymen were the first to press steam into the active service of mankind.

I don't quite know what a press agent is; but I'm sure I never had any.

She'll show up after the paper goes to press, if not sooner.

Crane did not press the point; he understood Porter's motives throughout.

America, to be true to herself, must beware of such false lights, of the press as these.

I dared not press him with more questions; but after an interval he said plainly: "She is not there now."

But she was far too wise to press such arguments in her son's present mood.

Unquestionably the Press has a great deal to do with these epidemics.

Boil the spinach as above, and drain and press it, but do not chop it.