Reporter [noun]

Definition of Reporter:

person who informs

Synonyms of Reporter:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reporter:


Sentence/Example of Reporter:

The reporter stood with clenched fists and flashing eyes, hesitating.

His remarkable words were taken down by a reporter on the spot.

Then a reporter leaped aboard, and ere I could gasp held me in his toils.

You told me, I remember, that he is the reporter of the Congregation in that affair of your book.

And I was as blue a reporter of life as ever chewed his pencil.

I see that you are the Examiner's reporter, and that you are the lady of the photograph.

Who, if not you, should be the reporter of the words of your friend?

While the doctor was there the police sergeant returned with a magistrate and the reporter.

By his own admission he is no authority on Grecian cookery, but as a reporter he excels.

The reporter noticed this, and over him stole a sense of panic.