Cub [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Cub:

This dedication, Dearie said, is helping the panda cub gain a little more than a pound per week.

The panda cub at the National Zoo seems to be letting no grass grow under his paws, at least figuratively.

It also limits contact between the public and animals, which would essentially prohibit cub petting operations.

His lordship would not intervene; he swore he hoped the cub would be flayed alive by Wilding.

The woman distrusts me and she has sent for this insolent cub lawyer—Washburn, his name is.

The boys noticed that one of the cubs was dark brown like the mother, while the other was a cinnamon cub.

I say, you young cub down there,” shouted the skipper to him from the hatchway, “come up and swab this deck.

The next moment a savage roar sounded close at hand, and he saw the mother bear running toward the wounded cub.

Dalgard had known Sssuri since he was a toddler and the other a cub coming to see the wonders of dry land for the first time.

This continued until the last cub was eaten, whereupon Hlakanyana ran away.