Journalist [noun]

Definition of Journalist:

person who writes about factual events for a living

Synonyms of Journalist:

Opposite/Antonyms of Journalist:


Sentence/Example of Journalist:

Scott Morris is an investigative journalist based in Oakland, California.

Digital tools help civic movements, journalists, and political challengers.

We divvied up the design of the individual graphics across our team of visual journalists.

It would also impact businesses, journalists, and researchers who equally rely on the platform to do their work with people and entities in China.

The agency also collected information on journalists who published leaked documents.

We’re looking for an audio journalist who has a background in science and health journalism to help us edit and produce the show every week.

Analysts and journalists focus on how quickly GDP is changing to help people understand the direction that a country’s economy is headed.

You found a solution, which is being a question-asking journalist who gets very intimate with your subjects.

Good journalists do this type of fact-checking all of the time.

Play-writing is a luxury to a journalist, as insidious as golf and much more expensive in time and money.