Paper [adjective]

Definition of Paper:

thin, flimsy

Synonyms of Paper:

Opposite/Antonyms of Paper:


Sentence/Example of Paper:

I've got a New York paper giving an account of the whole thing.

He went over to the desk and began to scribble a name on the pad of paper.

Fouts, with a slip of paper in his hand, beckoned him from the door of his private office.

A broken kitchen knife had been thrust through a bit of the paper on the box.

But thou knowest their characters; and I will not therefore sully my paper with them.

The second paper of Mr. Gladstone upon the same subject was a sequel to the first.

He dashed the paper to the ground, and gave himself up to his madness.

In a paper on his books, it is permissible to end with a bookish anecdote.

"There is more here than you know," said Christopher, handing her back the paper.

Dirk wondered a little as to where the box of paper collars came from.