Tire [verb]

Definition of Tire:

exhaust, weary

Synonyms of Tire:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tire:

Sentence/Example of Tire:

Would he annoy her, enrage her perhaps, or even worse, tire her?

Cost me thirteen dollars to repair one; vulcanize the tire, y'see.

Why didn't he go outside and get things ready for the tire setting?

I couldn't be a doll, for men to look at and then tire of me.

Or they might tire of the Nile, and wish to tear back to Cairo by train.

You will not tire of it as you will of that which has but a commonplace form or pattern.

But you can tell me so much more about them than I can tell you, that why should I tire you with my accounts and descriptions?

There was no stock on hand now but two peppermint sticks and some tire tape.

The mare might tire of the forest gloom and turn prairieward.

For a man of his years, he was surprisingly vigorous and erect—no labour could tire him.