Sap [noun]

Definition of Sap:

stupid person

Synonyms of Sap:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sap:


Sentence/Example of Sap:

Methinks, Alleyne, it is this learning which you have taught her that has taken all the life and sap from her.

I think he was glad when we set out for my own village in the Moon of the Sap Running.

Each century had renewed the city's glory as with the sap of immortal youth.

Women have yet this lesson to learn: the capacity for sense-experience is the sap of life.

I cannot perceiue what time they would haue the sap to descend.

The Summer time is perillous if ye digge, because the sap fills amaine.

But commonly, graft at that time of the Winter, when sap beginneth to arise.

But it's poor work for an old man to sap away a young man's enthusiasm.

But no sap could enter their roots and none could pass from cell to cell.

The faint, sweet smell of the sap seemed to cling upon the darkness.