Sucker [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Sucker:

An Indian, of the Sucker tribe, whom he had previously met, was sitting there.

In the oldest strata we find two wondrous creatures, the Devourer and the Sucker.

Let us in the first place, in this chapter, speak of the first, the Sucker.

The Sucker of the soft gelatinous world, was himself soft and gelatinous.

Sucker said at once, “You may eat me if you can, but that has still to be decided.”

She went to Shrewsbury and called on Mr. Sucker, in Newport.

Mr. Sucker was satisfied, and did not desire to burden himself with specie.

Sucker, very indecorously putting in his word a second time.

An archer had already been sent on to tell Captain Sucker to make ready for the fight.

But, while the Rats had fooled "Sucker" Johnston and some of his officers, the majority of the crew knew better.