Fool [noun]

Definition of Fool:

stupid or ridiculous person

Synonyms of Fool:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fool:



Sentence/Example of Fool:

He leaned over to me, whispering, “These Jedi mind tricks only work on weak-minded fools.”

To pretend you knew better when others didn’t, to pretend this was not your fault, to pretend you were a holy messenger and everyone else was a fool was his very good definition of a sin.

As brokers made their bets, some making a fortune, some making fools of themselves, others making their criminal defense cases, Cline and millions of other health care workers just prayed there would be enough supplies tomorrow.

Bumping into a guy most known for “yappin’ fools,” I wasn’t gonna scare anybody looking like a bootleg Slick Rick, and on his newest cut, “Gotham,” Danzini isn’t letting anyone feel safe.

Another one is fear of making a fool of oneself and looking stupid.

The heat of drunkenness is the stumblingblock of the fool, lessening strength and causing wounds.

Y was a Youth, that did not love school; Z was a Zany, a poor harmless fool.

I am not fool enough to put my precious Naps in jeopardy, just when I am so deucedly in want of them, too.

David thought the farmer a fool, and rode on, admiring the blue sky uncheckered by a single cloud.

The crest-fallen astronomer plodded on his weary way, another example of a fool and his money soon parted.