Victim [noun]

Definition of Victim:

someone or something sacrificed, preyed upon

Synonyms of Victim:

Opposite/Antonyms of Victim:

Sentence/Example of Victim:

He was not naturally bad, but he had fallen a victim to sudden temptation.

Major John Postell had been pitched upon as the first victim.

He had been defied, trapped, made a victim of the gang who had killed his most valued informer.

Between him and her as the victim of the law, there could be no hesitation for choice.

"You'll have to cut down your victim before I get there," grinned Chip.

You are a strong man; and you are a victim of your strength.

Perhaps I should, though, if I hadn't been the victim of it in some degree.

He perceived that he had become the victim of a harsh and ruthless dealing.

The people now believed that they should be defrauded of their victim.

Grant hesitated, circling erratically with his victim close to the steps.