Pawn [noun]

Definition of Pawn:

security for a loan

Synonyms of Pawn:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pawn:

Sentence/Example of Pawn:

The young man had no comprehension of the fact that he was only a pawn in the game.

I gave the man all my spare clothes in pawn, and walked away from his house.

Thus it is: My castle and my lands are in pawn for a debt that I owe.

The Honourable George had lost; so I, his pawn, must also submit like a dead sport.

You don't think me nice enough, do you, now that you've made me pawn all my dresses?

He sent me this morning to pawn my shawl and my chemises to pay for that cab.

Later she let things go altogether, selling her pawn tickets for cash.

Eight or ten minutes pass: he takes a pawn; she utters a little pooh!

"I have the pawn tickets for my own clothes," said Dade, in a low tone.

Now, the locksmith never could have so much money, and he had no valuables to pawn.