Bond [noun]

Definition of Bond:

binder or fastener

Synonyms of Bond:

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Sentence/Example of Bond:

The VW offering also marks test of investor appetite for green bonds from borrowers previously marred by environmental issues.

This made the enzyme very efficient at breaking cysteine’s bond to the thiol.

It described investors who were supposed to exert power over governments by selling their bonds, or merely threatening to, and thus making deficit-spending more expensive.

By bolstering a bond market that had been in freefall, the federal government offered its largest, most rapid and least encumbered relief to large businesses that already had robust cash reserves.

The Fed has purchased just $12 billion through its corporate bond programs through the end of August, far short of the $750 billion maximum.

At the Kootenay site, all of the cultivars produced low concentrations of hexyl glucoside, a molecule that gives off a grassy aroma when its sugar bond is broken.

The potential for turmoil also raises the chances for more central bank bond buying.

This was also reflected in the sell-off of bonds that has taken place in the past few months.

We all know, It’s not what you know, it’s who you know, and networking is the best way to cultivate those industry bonds that could change the course of your life.

O’Brien also admitted he had no evidence that looters had been released on bond and then gone back to looting, but insisted that criminals “have an understanding that the state’s attorney isn’t serious” about enforcing the law.