Cord [noun]

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The firm claims that the prototype's supposedly functional dashboard display was powered by an extension cord snaking up from under the stage.

Drivers will have to find places to charge their vehicles, which is trickier than fueling up at a gas station, especially if you don’t live in a place where you can just run an extension cord from your house out to your car.

Yet retinoic acid signaling was thought to be essential for making a brain, nerve cord and other vital features.

Musk said he wants to eventually conduct a clinical trial on people who suffer from tetraplegia, a type of paralysis caused by spinal cord injuries.

An attached USB cord and charging cable will allow you to charge your phone on the go, but again, you’ll need to buy the battery pack separately.

This Ranvoo bag is perfect for your high schooler, as it fits up to a 15-inch laptop, has a cord for phone charging, and provides a dedicated headphone jack that allows for listening on the go.

Many of its theme parks remain closed, cable customers continued to cut the cord, advertising revenue was down and many movie releases are up in the air.

With NowLight’s new hand-cranked instant charger, all you have to do is yank the cord a few times and boom — let there be light.

NBCUniversal is the latest big traditional media company to attempt to attract cord cutters with a standalone streaming service only to run into interference with the platforms needed to make that service available to CTV viewers.

Depending on the cell type, they can then repair damaged spinal cords, nerve fibers, or blood vessels.