Tie [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Tie:

Strong as is the tie of interest, it has been often found ineffectual.

She called for Eileen, told her to tie on her sunshade and be ready for a short ride.

As an honest man, it was for him to judge if he had the right of cutting the tie there and for ever.

"Better slip back there and tie him, and land the ship," he says.

You must get hold of Bwana Nyele, and you must tie him fast also, and keep him from his safari.

When she was dead, might not a tie, between the uncle and nephew, be snapped asunder?

Put it warm into glass jars, and tie it up with brandy paper.

When they are cold, tie up the jar; covering the cork with leather.

Pour in the pudding, and tie it tightly, leaving room for it to swell.

Then put the whole into jars, and when cool cover and tie them up closely.