Ligament [noun]

Definition of Ligament:

bow, loop

Synonyms of Ligament:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ligament:

Sentence/Example of Ligament:

When rehabbing his injured knee ligament, Funk watched his teammates continue on without him, but if he wanted to sprint onto the team bus, he physically couldn’t.

A ceratohyal then is attached posteriorly to the hypohyal and a stylohyal ligament is attached to each ceratohyal posteriorly.

His eyes shone, his chin was thrust forward, every ligament in his body was strung taut.

If the ligament of a gaping bivalve should become dry and stiff, it can be softened by putting it in water.

When bivalves gape on dying in water, or if the ligament be broken, the valves should be closed and tied together.

Care should be taken not to injure the edge or lip of the mouth of univalves, or the ligament of the hinge of bivalves.

There,” as the last ligament was severed and the skin came away from the carcase, “that job is finished.

Their shells are thin, with a granulated outer surface, and the valves are united by a thin external ligament.

The shell is compressed, composed of two equal valves, with little or no gape, and the ligament situated on the shortest side.

In these, too, the ligament is very prominent, and the shell gapes slightly at both ends.