Hitch [noun]

Definition of Hitch:

problem, difficulty

Synonyms of Hitch:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hitch:

Sentence/Example of Hitch:

One person easily walked around a room to look at a wall-mounted sign while having his eyes, brain activity, and other biomarkers tracked without a hitch.

Now she found herself hitched to a guy obsessed with business success.

The hitch in all this, however, is the TV network groups’ pay-TV contracts.

However, there is a hitch in the pitch that underscores why repeatedly showing viewers the same ad continues to be an issue dogging the streaming ad industry.

The hitch is that it’s difficult to detect force fields that have nothing to push on.

Accordingly, she had the boys to hitch a team to a buggy and took him driving over the great estate.

He just got a good holt–a shore enough diamond hitch–on that thirst-parlour dawg, and chawed.

Every pull in the shoulders, every hitch in the back, every kink in the sleeves makes me a profound materialist.

The burial of 3,000 Turks by armistice at Anzac seems to have been carried out without a hitch.

The organist might leave his Swell-box shut or, by means of a catch on the pedal, hitch it full open.