Delay [noun]

Definition of Delay:

deferment, interruption

Opposite/Antonyms of Delay:

Sentence/Example of Delay:

There, reports of an explosion in testing wait times and delays in people getting notified of positive results have sparked rumors of another lockdown.

After a summer of delays and postponements, the fall movie release schedule is finally starting to take shape.

Barrera said the school, though, should have allowed those eight students to continue with the class without delay.

Unusually, Apple did not debut a next generation iPhone due to the aforementioned production delays.

We needed to own the reality of the delays customers were experiencing.

In Wisconsin, thousands of mail-in ballots requested by voters in the state primary were never delivered to them due to postal delays.

The state’s biggest population center will likely face serious delays, given the high number of expected mail ballots that can’t be counted until Election Day.

Any difficulties or delays could ultimately postpone election results by days or weeks, which could allow election misinformation and false claims of victory to go viral.

According to one official involved in Ukraine’s deliberations about the deal, the reason for the delay was in large part political.

In halting its vaccine trials, AstraZeneca appeared to make the prudent decision, but health officials may have to persuade skeptical members of the public to see the delay as some scientists do—as a positive.