Reprieve [noun]

Definition of Reprieve:

relief of blame, responsibility

Synonyms of Reprieve:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reprieve:

Sentence/Example of Reprieve:

He had got a reprieve, or a respite, and he felt like a boy--another kind of boy from what he had ever been.

It might have been the gasp of the condemned man at the sound of the word “reprieve.”

But even if she did go it was a reprieve; it gave him one last opportunity.

The crying need of an imperiled republic could not reprieve him.

"Well, it is at least a reprieve," said she, with a dreary sigh; and they retired.

It is like a reprieve arriving when the victim was on the scaffold.

It was like a reprieve to a man on the very steps of the scaffold!

In his reprieve he was like some wild thing that had regained liberty.

But nothing that Nan could say would win from her cousin any reprieve.

In his heart he had been glad of the excuse for his absence, for the few hours of reprieve.