Clemency [noun]

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His mind with all its sternness ever tended to clemency, and his constitutional prudence, or measure, forbade purposeless excess.

And to procure this her Majesty hath offered as much of her clemency to you, as with honour she might do to her subjects.

His highness's ministers and chiefs there tendered his submission, and solicited the clemency of the British government.

When, once more, there was silence, Galaima dropped upon one knee and begged for clemency for himself and friends.

There was nothing to do but wait upon the clemency—the mercy of Captain Goritz.

The state of things is secured by clemency; severity represseth a few, but irritates more.

He was twenty-three when he published the books of Seneca on Clemency, with learned commentaries.

Nothing but clemency can ever open a way for a reconciliation with its inhabitants.

Clemency, however, was denied; and the doctor was committed to the Compter in preparation for his trial.

The ruthless measures of repression which followed this revolt were the first breach in the clemency of Elizabeth's rule.