Humanity [noun]

Definition of Humanity:

human race

Synonyms of Humanity:

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Sentence/Example of Humanity:

Around the world, pollution from tiny particles like those from wildfire smoke remains one of the largest health threats to humanity.

In the 1990s, many were swept up by the dream of the Internet weaving humanity into a single community.

Of all the errors in judgment that humanity is prone to, overconfidence may be the most damaging.

We have honestly made enough clothing to last humanity for generations.

I think also people fundamentally don’t understand that under-resourced communities, just because one family or one household might be under-resourced, that doesn’t mean that they completely forget their own sense of humanity for their neighbor.

Respecting someone, Kant claims, is “limiting our self-esteem by the dignity of humanity in another person.”

It’s about the collective good of the rest of humanity and about not turning our planet into a public-health crisis.

They flock to environmental studies out of an awareness that humanity and nature are deeply interconnected, and a genuine love for both.

In early 2019 OpenAI, a startup co-founded by Elon Musk devoted to ensuring artificial general intelligence is safe for humanity, announced it had created a neural network for natural language processing called GPT-2.

Last year, Microsoft announced a billion-dollar investment in OpenAI, an organization whose mission is to create artificial general intelligence and make it safe for humanity.