Tolerance [noun]

Definition of Tolerance:

fortitude, grit

Synonyms of Tolerance:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tolerance:

Sentence/Example of Tolerance:

For myself I beg your tolerance, your countenance and your united aid.

It viewed them with tolerance until they were found out, when it raised its hands.

Kirkwood acceded, perforce; and bided his time with what tolerance he could muster.

"She hasn't any tolerance in her, anyhow," and he was grave and preoccupied all through dinner.

He simply cannot conceive of such a thing; and he has no tolerance for it.

She had no tolerance for any weakness which could be conquered.

Now, most educated men are for tolerance, and see as Erasmus saw.

We would fain imitate in this matter the tolerance of Luther.

One of the effects of it was that he had for you surprises of tolerance as well as of temper.

Let me give you a few local facts to show their 'tolerance.'