Patience [noun]

Definition of Patience:

capacity, willingness to endure

Opposite/Antonyms of Patience:

Sentence/Example of Patience:

“Have patience with him, good Master Pepper,” returned Mr. Headley.

Your patience, my dearest Mamma:—you were pleased to say, you would hear me with patience.

I beg your pardon, dear Madam, and your patience with me on such an occasion as this.

Your father and uncles would have no patience were he to come.

The quartette started for the station with Patience and Emma in the lead.

Patience will be the fittest return I can make to such an insult.

I dread to go down, said she, with so determined an answer: they will have no patience with me.

The two embraced, then Grace passed Kathleen on to Patience.

Let us meet them with faith and courage, with patience and a grateful and happy heart.

I declare to you, miss, I'm clean worn out with havin' patience!