Composure [noun]

Definition of Composure:

calmness, collectedness

Opposite/Antonyms of Composure:

Sentence/Example of Composure:

It nettled him; it broke down his habitual composure, and it was a relief to him when the conference came to a close.

And when he reached her side, she had so entirely regained composure that he could hardly believe it was the same person.

“It is quite understandable, dear,” Jessie said, with more composure than her chum could display at the moment.

He smiled, and Barker, who had recovered his composure in the doctor's presence, bowed silently and went out.

At first Baroudi continued to stand in the sun, and she looked up at him with composure from her place of shadow.

If an apology is made by the unlucky perpetrator of the accident, try to set him at his ease by your own lady-like composure.

As Irvin seized her hands and looked at her eagerly, half-fearfully, Rita achieved sufficient composure to speak.

This brief conflict ended, she resumed her wonted composure and cheerfulness.

She passed through all their examinations with the most perfect composure and the most dignified self-possession.

Immediately struggling to regain composure, she would brush her tears away, and dress her countenance in its accustomed smiles.