Placidity [noun]

Definition of Placidity:


Synonyms of Placidity:

Opposite/Antonyms of Placidity:

Sentence/Example of Placidity:

His usually placid, gentle face had lost some of its placidity.

It's difficult to give you an adequate idea of Davidson's placidity.

That placidity of hers gave her the air of being as relentless as a Fate.

"In a position which I no longer occupy," he amended, recovering his placidity.

Her face was flushed; indignation disturbed the placidity of her eyes.

The stranger's excitement was a strong contrast to the Major's placidity.

Any reference to the "right one" always disturbed her placidity.

In repose the face wore a placidity which was almost that of melancholy.

Her placidity was exceedingly annoying to this set of girls.

I asked, remaining stubbornly and persistently ox-like in my placidity.