Doldrums [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Doldrums:

The prospects for geothermal—energy extracted from the nuclear furnace at the Earth’s core—are rising after decades in the doldrums.

Both got in the doldrums near the Start mark, but taking a chill 'Navahoe' got away with a long lead.

Oh, well, there was no sense in staying in the doldrums forever.

A low-pressure area of calm, light variable winds near the equator is known to mariners as the doldrums.

Our vegetables gave out and we drank too much rain water and ate too much fresh fish down in the Doldrums.

In the calm, windless doldrums, he never came up on deck but what the aroma of whisky travelled with him.

He caught a complaint common to the people of Nomansland, called the doldrums, which made him restless, cross and disagreeable.

Laura sometimes went away—she called it "going home," but we scoffed the term—and the doldrums blew until she returned.

We were fast approaching the belt of calms, squalls, rain, and variable winds known to sailors as the "doldrums."

Whilst writing have struck a fine breeze, which we hope will soon carry us out of the doldrums.