Gloom [noun]

Definition of Gloom:

melancholy, depression

Opposite/Antonyms of Gloom:

Sentence/Example of Gloom:

There’s Trent Williams, the star left tackle and one of the faces of Washington’s franchise in the 2010s whose refusal to play after a botched cancer diagnosis enveloped the team in a fog of gloom for all of last year.

A similar story played out for Sanjeeta Bhattacharya, a Delhi-based musician, whose songwriting emerged out of the loneliness and gloom of the pandemic.

Families are putting up Christmas lights early to offset the gloom.

Comet 67P spent most of its lifetime—billions of years—in the dim gloom of the Kuiper Belt, a region of the outer solar system that extends well beyond Pluto.

As his eye became accustomed to the gloom, David Arden saw traces of gilding on the walls.

She saw his back for an instant against the pale gloom of the garden, in which vapour was curling.

He spoke Urdu exceedingly well, and it was difficult in the gloom to recognize him as a European.

Once more these huge explosions unloading their cargoes of midnight on to the evening gloom.

He may be considered as one of the learned few whose genius dissipated the gloom of the 8th century.

Then he suddenly became aware that out of the gloom a figure had risen and stood beside him.