Despondency [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Despondency:

We recollect sharing in the despondency, and even despair, which paralysed our party.

She felt she had been childish and unwise the night before in giving herself over to despondency.

There was no despondency when she fell asleep that night; nor was there hope when she awoke in the morning.

From the councillors down to the humblest settlers all was despondency and discontent.

Her reins and her heart were all gone—was not that enough to cause those fits of despondency of which she complained?

But he did not know the bitter fountain of despondency whence flowed those naphthaline streams of passion.

The short delay of my answer, you must ascribe on this occasion not to lazyness but to despondency.

The small face of her friend had sunk from its ecstasy to its sullen suffering, its despondency, its doubt.

The letters from thence express despondency and fears (which for us are hopes) of several other ships.

I cannot tell you how hopelessly or fearfully I suffered, or what depths of despondency and despair and blackness I was cast into.