Cheer [noun]

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Jenner strides up to a police officer and offers him a can of soda, which he drinks, prompting the crowd to break out in cheers.

The experience will include both a cheer monitor and an audience monitor that allow viewers to connect with each other and the broadcast hosts.

District officials have maintained that any ongoing practices were not part of the school’s cheer program.

With the new school year underway, the cheer club met at Infinity Gymnastics in El Cajon this week and was scheduled to meet for the next two weeks.

Roughly 65 students are on the school’s cheer team, including 27 on varsity, Clark said.

At last, tired of fighting an unseen foe, the men arose to their feet, and with a wild cheer sprang forward.

But her sympathy, and her confident belief that Alessandro might yet be found, gave unspeakable cheer to Felipe.

They went out of the darkness together and came back to the Earth, Leo very silent, and the Girl striving to cheer him.

The king heartily pledged him, thanked him for his good cheer, and departed undiscovered.

My servant's whip, however, soon sent them about their business, and I ventured into the parlor to see what cheer.