Glee [noun]

Definition of Glee:

extreme happiness

Synonyms of Glee:

Opposite/Antonyms of Glee:

Sentence/Example of Glee:

So the part where Harrow starts going through all of these fanfiction tropes in her head, it just fills me with glee.

Berkowitz spoke to Eater about why cheese inspires such glee, and why the American farms, techniques, and producers are worth protecting.

The moon seemed to smile on him; the aurora appeared to dance with unwonted vigour, as if in glee; the very stars winked at him!

So when Yung Pak's father made him a present of a monkey—a real monkey—alive—he just danced with glee.

Sometimes Yung Pak would be the winner, and then he would march home with great glee and show the trophy to his father.

Georgie handed the paper to her cousin, the latter clapped her hands with glee.

Allcraft, with his brain on fire, received the visit of this man with secret glee.

Melodye or glee; here Koch remarks that Chaucer 'evidently mistook tirelire for turelure.'

Betty and Mollie "took off" the expressions on the faces of their fellow passengers till Amy and Grace shouted with glee.

Beardsley savored the thought tastily, and let it trickle away, and the look of glee on his cherubic face was gone.