Merriment [noun]

Definition of Merriment:


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Sentence/Example of Merriment:

In the burst of merriment, his pent feelings found their vent.

The father and mother made their appearance, and the merriment began.

But there was no trace of merriment or perplexity in the way he looked at Mr Verloc.

There was no merriment, but there was a kindly look on every face that was beautiful to see.

Her eyes were dancing with that merriment she could never long restrain.

The town was full of noise and merriment, but we took secluded ways.

"It's impossible," said Vandeuvres, stupefaction and merriment in his tones.

It was hard to check her merriment, but Israel had to do it.

His white face was very bright, and her moist eyes were full of merriment.

A louder burst of merriment than usual came from the distant room.