Laughter [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Laughter:

“We continue to need art and connection and laughter, so we have an imperative to try to think safely about it,” said Liz Fehrenbach, program director at Joseph’s House.

In my study of dog play, I shadowed dogs with a video camera rolling, and controlled my own delighted laughter at their fun long enough to record bouts of play, from a few seconds to many minutes long.

His laughter punctuates the conversation from behind a closed door.

The shock — both at the crash and at the sudden cut — drives our laughter.

She even resorted to removing her clothes, which led to amusement among the other gods who started roaring in joy and laughter.

His books were read in our homes, often aloud to the family circle by paterfamilias, and moved us to laughter or tears.

This was said with a comical air of doubt, and a half smile, which sent a ripple of laughter over the charming face.

After supper, stories were told and the laughter, which was loud and long, lasted far into the night.

“It would cost the blood and tears and laughter of the human race,” said Aristide.

Her chum leaned against the door jamb while peal after peal of laughter shook her.