Hilarity [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Hilarity:

Bryson and an out-of-shape friend embark on a journey where their lack of preparedness leads to frequent moments of hilarity.

For the ultimate challenge and hilarity, try walking backward or crouching for the entirety for the match, even when a ghost is hunting you.

It was her imposing crest that John's storm of hilarity had brought into view.

We have only to look at it to bring on an attack of the wildest hilarity.

Mr. Pickwick expressed his heartfelt delight at every additional suggestion; and his eyes beamed with hilarity and cheerfulness.

It was not that, however, which brought their hilarity to an end, abrupt as though a bombshell had burst in their midst.

Nor was their hilarity less, after they had parted from moorings, and were once more in mid-stream, moving onwards.

Naturally, the jailer grew suspicious of such sudden and prolonged hilarity.

This proved good advice, and the lecture, thus opened, started off with general hilarity and applause.

A sumptuous supper was served, and a large party having assembled, the night was spent in boisterous hilarity.