Fun [adjective]

Definition of Fun:

good, happy

Synonyms of Fun:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fun:

Sentence/Example of Fun:

The addition of DeAndre Hopkins is making the Arizona Cardinals very fun to watch, and a healthy Cam Newton is showing why the power run is so hard to defend against in New England.

Meanwhile, bounce rate, session duration, and session depth rely on whether there is anything fun to do on your page.

So when Mitsu got the AAC job, I thought it would be fun to interview him, but not so formally.

Brands have found hashtag challenges are a useful hook for creating fun, shareable and viral content on TikTok.

This person lists all the benefits of these environmentally positive behaviors, offers to make the actions easier for you, and gives you a fun goodie bag.

Don’t miss your chance to have some fun while you increase your startup skills, learn the latest tech trends, expand your network, meet with investors and drive your business forward.

No matter how the universe had turned out, two plus two would equal four and it would have been wrong to torture people for fun.

At the very least it breaks the cycle of sex-disappointment and opens you two up to having fun together, something that may lead to having more fun together and may, if the wind blows right, lead to some orgasmic fun.

That’s a fun option, but it takes some getting used to, says Jump.

The 16 items here allowed us to train smarter, feel better, and ultimately have more fun.