Enjoyable [adjective]

Definition of Enjoyable:

pleasing; to one's liking

Opposite/Antonyms of Enjoyable:

Sentence/Example of Enjoyable:

At first I thought this was part of his kink, but the conversations aren’t very enjoyable for either of us.

Topicals is taking the focus off of having “perfect” skin and putting the onus on making the treatment experience more enjoyable or as we like to say “Funner Flare-Ups.”

You know, it was easy to work all the time because it was enjoyable, like a big puzzle.

Forcing yourself to eat a meal, even a meal you like, makes it much less enjoyable than if you come to it freely.

Which is more enjoyable is a matter of personal preference and learning style, as well as campus policy.

It’s hugely enjoyable on the one hand, but also hugely sobering on the other.

Truly it was a most enjoyable season and experience, but there is no joy without its alley here below—not even at the North Pole!

Judy did not pass a very enjoyable playtime with Punch, who was consumed with indignation.

To supply eminent humorists and others with enjoyable, rational, and profitable employment.

Galway is the gateway to Connemara, and Connemara is one of the best places under the sun for a healthy and enjoyable holiday.