Displeasing [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Displeasing:

Such difficulties, also, suddenly arose as plainly showed that our plans for this voyage were displeasing to the Evil Spirit.

This time it was a problem that was not displeasing, though Mr. Talpers was not quite sure as yet how it should be followed out.

If she had any “citified airs” they were not of the kind that are especially displeasing to country people.

He was past the bloom of youth, but still his fine clothes and his reputed wealth were displeasing to me.

If we add to this evil, the attendant glitter upon glitter, we have a perfect farrago of discordant and displeasing effects.

In the adversity of our best friends we always find something which is not wholly displeasing to us.

Nicolas-Juste Aubain, day-labourer, was afraid both of displeasing Sorel and of injuring these gentlemen.

Diplomacy is the art of getting what you want at the expense of displeasing as few people as possible.

The stain in her eyes was wonderfully vivid, but it did not produce a displeasing effect, as I had fancied it would.

There was a very displeasing look on his dark countenance, and his sneer was strongly marked.