Annoying [adjective]

Definition of Annoying:

causing irritation

Synonyms of Annoying:

Opposite/Antonyms of Annoying:

Sentence/Example of Annoying:

It’s like when you do an imitation of your annoying coworker from accounting, complete with mimicking the way he makes every sentence sound like a question and his eyes widen when he talks about complex spreadsheets.

If covering the Valley from inside the Valley has taught me one thing, it’s that, like annoying buzzwords, companies come and go.

David Chavern, CEO of the news-publisher trade group News Media Alliance, said the change is “more annoying than material.”

And, he wasn't like one of those Boston guys who were wicked annoying and busted.

Recently, Google has introduced its own methodology that will prevent the annoying ad formats from appearing on web pages.

It was very annoying—more than ever—to the Elder when he was required to put up twenty-five dollars in cash as a retainer.

Stopping of business would doubtless be annoying and might very likely produce some distress.

It is not only annoying, but absolutely sickening to some, and a truly lady-like person will avoid all such topics.

It is annoying and ill-bred to throw your soiled clothes into the family wash.

Nothing is more annoying than to have the hair loosen or the head-dress fall off in a crowded ball room.