Distasteful [adjective]

Definition of Distasteful:

repulsive, unpleasant

Opposite/Antonyms of Distasteful:

Sentence/Example of Distasteful:

There is the unspoken but clear message that he finds that part of the business — basically the entire business — distasteful.

If the journey is now distasteful to her, she has but her own rashness to blame in having sought it herself.

For that reason a marriage distasteful to both had already been arranged between him and the Roshinara Begum.

To address Fleurette, impalpable creation of fairyland, as “old girl” was particularly distasteful.

The diversions which had been the serious employment of his youth became distasteful to him.

But if I had had the slightest idea that the subject was distasteful to you I would not have dreamed of mentioning it.

These obnoxious practices seem to have been carried to a particularly distasteful length on the borders of Wales.

His former ally insisted that he should occasionally attend the conferences, but his presence was distasteful to Napoleon.

Moreover, Alexander made a tender appeal, and adroitly suggested a distasteful counter-proposition.

He made the speech with a gulp, as though it were distasteful to him.