Obnoxious [adjective]

Definition of Obnoxious:

offensive, repulsive

Opposite/Antonyms of Obnoxious:

Sentence/Example of Obnoxious:

"That is not obnoxious either, I hope," said Ormond, laughing.

If he acts in good faith he is not obnoxious to punishment--but entitled to compensation?

"Bon jour, monsieur," said the captain in a tone of obnoxious pleasantry.

As for the picture post-cards, it displeased him greatly that they had been obnoxious.

She was incessantly imploring her son to drive off these obnoxious neighbors.

And Boston was being marked down as the most obnoxious of the towns of America.

Weeds, we remember, have no scent or they may be obnoxious in their odor.

Better retire than be obnoxious to even the most fastidious.

He eventually gets rid of his obnoxious power by bathing in a river.

He tries to make himself as obnoxious as he can to everybody he meets.