Pesky [adjective]

Definition of Pesky:


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Sentence/Example of Pesky:

Talk about that depot-wagon driver and his pesky go-cart that got us into this mess.

But even Kenelm confessed to a liking for the "pesky little nuisance."

I tick, tick, tick all day over this pesky business, but I don't get anywheres.

It does sound so pesky ridic'lous, although it ain't, when you understand it.

The pesky calf should be treated right, if it took the whole barrel.

Wring out that pesky wash and spread it on the grass to dry.

They all looked on redskins like they was catamounts an' other pesky varmints.

But why d'ye suppose now they'd be so pesky mean as to climb the hill?

The swans are warbling your name and so are half a dozen pesky Yankee Parrotts.

I expected you'd spend your money on some pesky gimcrack or other.