Ugly [adjective]

Definition of Ugly:


Opposite/Antonyms of Ugly:

Sentence/Example of Ugly:

One of mine, as I have heretofore said, is to give an ugly likeness.

"Because we have chosen what is bad, and do not know how ugly it is—that is why," answered her father.

But was it possible he should ever wake to see how ugly his conduct had been?

I could almost marry Strathay to save him from the ugly millioned girls!

"You may be ugly, but ye've served me well," Saunders began.

"John says he's an ugly child," she said to Eleanor, glancing angrily at her son.

Reminds me of a cat'mount I tried to tame once, only he's twice as ugly.

Very likely it saved us from an ugly trouble on the day of the Imperial visit to the City.

Alberich was the most hideous of all the black, ugly little Nibelungs.

Then he put on the helmet and changed himself into a fierce, ugly dragon.