Grisly [adjective]

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In her view, Carrillo’s grisly narrative is a product of the military’s refusal to adequately address the issue of radicalization within the ranks.

Pit your shovel in here an' lift this pickle, an' no' stand there gapin' like a grisly ghost at the door o' hell!

This appears in several witch trials and I think in Law's Memorials, that delightful storehouse of the quaint and grisly.

Then up rose two long spears; spears topped with grisly, rounded objects.

Rw-no-way-wh-krah, the Loose Pipe-stem; a brave (full length); eagle head-dress, shirt of grisly bears skin.

Pa-ris-ka-ro-pa, the Two Crows; with a handsome shirt, ornamented with ermine, and necklace of grisly bears claws.

Attack of the Bear (Grisly); Indians attacking with lances on horseback.

Their eyes met without a smile, though they perceived the grisly comic of the incident.

His grisly face wore the same kindly smile that it had always borne, but the light had gone out of it.

Again came that bubbling swirl, and now again that grisly head rose up.