Hideous [adjective]

Definition of Hideous:

grotesque, horrible

Synonyms of Hideous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hideous:

Sentence/Example of Hideous:

As hideous as it is now, to Peinado and others there’s no way to imagine it getting anything but worse.

Somehow, a campus I once thought hideous has become beautiful to me.

Aristide in a hideous red mask and with a bag of confetti under his arm, plunged with enthusiasm into the revelry.

On the upper part of each of these posts was a rude carving of a hideous human face with prominent teeth.

A hideous old crone covered with rags knelt beside the Duchesss, who on leaving the church offered her holy water.

During all this time they howl continually in a most discordant manner, and make the most hideous faces.

In the second part of the poem the lady is threatened by an unwelcome suitor, in the person of a hideous giant.

Humanity shut its eyes in view of the hideous apparition of wan and haggard beggary and crime.

A hideous yell of applause rose from the multitude, and again he plunged his saber into the carriage.

And so saying, the mis-shapen little demon set up a hideous yell, and danced upon the ground as if frantic with rage.