Unsightly [adjective]

Definition of Unsightly:

not pretty

Synonyms of Unsightly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unsightly:

Sentence/Example of Unsightly:

A wreath of roses was tried on, but this too was so unsightly that I refused to wear it.

It was unsightly; but how to repair the injury was the question.

The reverse, unsightly side of the picture he would not so much as glance at.

All the winter they are dead, unsightly roots, hidden in the earth.

Above all, she should avoid the presence of disagreeable and unsightly objects.

Even the unsightly sea-cucumber, or sea-slug, is not to be outdone.

She got a cloth and began to wipe up the unsightly mass at her feet.

It is the way with all mothers; the weakest and most unsightly are always their favorites.

The machine is an unsightly heap at the bottom of the ravine.

One side of her face, from eye to chin, was disfigured by an unsightly bruise.