Sightly [adjective]

Definition of Sightly:


Opposite/Antonyms of Sightly:


Sentence/Example of Sightly:

"Yon is a sightly point for a town," said Warren pointing to Watson's Hill.

Thornton can get it cured for you at Glen City and it will be a sightly present for your father.

But for a that, a sightly lad like you might put up wi her, Watty.

One of these sightly nights Bijah found voice, if not language.

Before placing it in the press the last time the common practice is to pare the edges smooth and sightly.

You have then a sightly dish, but not better than when served only glazed.

"It's quite a sightly place to live, Crittenden's is," said Aunt Hetty.

Her ankles had long before that grown too sightly to be exhibited.

From the most sightly eminence of the ward, the house of William Skinner of the silk-mill overlooks the city.

It did not take us an hour to decide that three thousand feet above the sea, under favorable conditions is quite a sightly place.