Cute [adjective]

Definition of Cute:

perky, attractive

Synonyms of Cute:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cute:

Sentence/Example of Cute:

We found twinkle lights that offer a cute decor touch and additional perks, like waterproof features and multiple brightness modes.

If you thought this doc was going to be a compilation of cats annoying their owners and misbehaving in that cute way we can’t resist, you’re so absolutely wrong.

Reels videos, Instagram told them, tended to succeed when they focused on “things that work on Instagram anyway” like dancing, “fluffy cute dogs,” and visual videos that “transcend language” for an international audience.

This also means the neighborhood is full of delectable bakeries and cute cafes.

The cute puppy pictured below is the latest addition to my extended family.

These look like “cute squirrels with pointed noses,” says senior author Amanda Melin.

Took in her cute little face whilst she looked straight back at me.

Look at this lovely photo of Jessie and Julia, and isn't the frame cute!

The very same thing that happened to the chick seed—they burst and out come hundreds of cute little fish minnows.

The man is a pertickler friend o' mine, an' the boy is a cute little chap, an' he can pray better nor any minister in Sevenoaks.