Charming [adjective]

Definition of Charming:


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Sentence/Example of Charming:

Around the country, they built charming outdoor tents, created picnic-friendly takeout menus, and sold frozen cocktail popsicles to coax customers out of their homes to enjoy something resembling an old world of hospitality.

Then there’s the decades-old and foolhardy 17th Street liquor moratorium, that seemingly did very little but stymie growth in development along what is now one of the city’s most charming streets.

It’s never all that charming to begin with, and rarely is it less charming than when Richard forcefully rear-ends Emily’s car after he sees her talking to another man.

Rory is their new Lorelai — a high-achieving, biddable, anxious-to-please Lorelai — and wealthy, charming Logan is their new Christopher.

The neighborhood is known for charming brick houses that were built by 19th-century immigrants.

That poor, pretty creature, starving, in her charming pink dress and hat of roses.

And he replied shortly, and with a slight charming affectation of pride: "I did without."

The back of her head will be quite in line with her charming little bust, and I for one shall walk round and laugh in her face.

Just as it disappeared from view he caught a glimpse of a charming little girl, peeping out of a latticed window beside the door.

Whereat, he stepped to one side, and led upon the stage, a charming blonde who was greeted profusely.