Glamorous [adjective]

Definition of Glamorous:

sophisticated in style

Synonyms of Glamorous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Glamorous:

Sentence/Example of Glamorous:

The worst-performing sectors of the S&P 500 have been energy, financial, and industrial, but glamorous companies can also be strong candidates for fraud if managers fear next quarter’s financial results won’t support the high-flying stock.

You could, if you felt like making a glamorous dessert, use it in this Caramelized Blood Orange Tipsy Trifle.

It’s glamorous, prestigious and packed shoulder-to-shoulder.

While we cannot gather in person this year, I wish you all a really fabulous Halloween and a glamorous rest of the year.

Young, glamorous candidates have typically fared better in general elections, but the votes don’t always break down according to age.

Serology – the study of antibody prevalence – has long been the Cinderella of virology compared with the more glamorous world of genome sequencing, but its significance and the consequences of its neglect are now becoming apparent.

Like the rest of the Blazers, Nurk is getting absolutely flambéed on the less glamorous end of the court.

A disgusting snip of a person had moved between him and those bitter but glamorous memories of Maria Algarez.

To Tiflin, as to the others, even such places were glamorous.

It was part of the reeling, glamorous intoxication into which she cast him, to hear himself going on like a stump-speaker.