Alluring [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Alluring:

This makes “technology”-based pitches both alluring and disorienting to many.

Apparently he was contented to sit on his piazza and see customers passing him by for the alluring bargains offered beyond.

There was something mysterious, evil, about him; but the evil was alluring; it was made to seem as though it were not evil.

Then she moved away to the music, an exquisite figure, the personification of all that was alluring in her sex.

Her red lips like dew-drenched roses—luscious, pure, alluring, were parted a little in a half smile.

Any sacrifice to Mrs. Simpson was alluring; she would be killed all day long, in a manner, for its own sake.

She was petite and exquisite, full of alluring dimples—and apparently just out of a perfumed bath.

June brought not only alluring days, however, but a letter from Quentina, which sent Genevieve flying into Mrs. Kennedy's room.

The words danced in her head, like circles of little sprites carrying alluring wreaths of roses.

Besides, he was mysterious and picturesque, and this is alluring to women and to the humble, if not to all the world.