Bewitching [adjective]

Definition of Bewitching:


Synonyms of Bewitching:

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Sentence/Example of Bewitching:

It is most peculiar, and when he plays that way, the most bewitching little expression comes over his face.

She avoided his ardent gaze, but he moved to the settee beside her and looked into the bewitching face.

When she, obedient to Love's rendezvous,Had reached the middle of a plain, than whichNo other more bewitching could be found.

Suppose I drop dead, Susan, will you like to be a bewitching young widow so soon?

A lamp stood on the chimney-piece shedding its rays over the Muse in one of her most bewitching aspects.

How beautiful she was to-day, what bewitching expressions animated her face!

There is nothing bewitching in his appearance; he looks like what he is—a quietly-disposed, evenly-tempered, Methodist minister.

Their beauty, grace, and bewitching manner inflame the heart and imagination of all that set their eyes on them.

In the bewitching candlelight the keyboard trembled and shimmered like water to a low wind.

The motions of this bird were most bewitching; his flight the perfection of grace.