Enthralling [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Enthralling:

It seemed to Jess Morse as though no other piece of writing could ever be so enthralling as this she had undertaken.

Then the more practical features of the occasion came into view, and all had an enthralling quality of reality—poetry.

A village in Scotland is the only place I can fancy where housekeeping becomes an enthralling occupation.

The head, still raised, is motionless as though under some new and enthralling influence.

I saw that an old spell was enthralling Davies as his eye travelled away to the blank horizon.

Did not Ibsen contrive a drama of enthralling interest on the subject of the drainage of a watering-place?

His development, especially from the religious standpoint, is strikingly realistic and enthralling.

Johnny asked, for the moment allowing his interest to be drawn from the enthralling mystery below.

This woman indeed possessed enthralling charms, and he felt the slight flush that suffused his cheeks.

But it was with the deepening of the summer that the spell of the Perdu deepened to its most enthralling potency.